Thursday, January 31, 2013

- генератор обложек для пальповых журналов

Там ещё и генератор названий прекрасен.)))

Мне выпали:
Cult of the Purple Professor (!!!)
The Laboratory of the Purple Editor
Son of the Gem
Den of the Deathless Weapon
The Pygmy Dentists of Dread (!!!!!!)
The Day of the Ape
The Comet that Rescued the Fleet
Aviator from the Clockwork Skyscraper (точно-точно)
The Quivering Henchman of Darkness
The Squid Folk
The Island of The Galaxy's Eidolon
Corridors from Inside the Test Tubes
Assaulted in the Swamp of the Damned
The Mongoose Ventriloquist of Pluto
Horror of the Azure Myrmidons
Leinster's Immense Zoo (hell yeah!)
Embrace of the Platinum Brain (обалдеть!)
Transformed in the Prism of Space
The Tabernacle of the Colossal Henchman
The Curse of the Nebula
The Amazing Catacombs of Jupiter
Assaulted by the Shrieking Policeman (шедевр, я считаю)
Captured by the Cephalopod of Venus 

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